Digital investment
platform in the region

Chile has positioned itself with sustainable leadership as the first South American economy in the OECD, being competitive and with solid foundations and policies, causing it to have the best GDP per Capita (PPP) in South America and to be classified as the most competitive country at the regional level of the World Economic Forum ranking since 1998.

It has set a trend in the implementation of new technologies and sustainable businesses, opening opportunities to the global market and foreign investment.


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Enablers of digital development

Covid - 19 and digital acceleration in Chile

Strong and promising environment that is currently facing the challenge of economic recovery and post-pandemic job reactivation, in a scenario also marked by the radical advance of digitization, a change that will require new talents and human capacities in Chile.

It is here where digital talent is one of the main factors which will be used to accelerate the country’s transition to the digital economy from a sustainable growth that allows it to meet the demand of the national and international market. At the same time, it promotes the development of new talents and job retraining as one of the fundamental pillars of recovery and future growth.

All industries in Chile have more than 50% experience of Digital Culture at the Industry Level (2020)