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Talento Digital para Chile is the only country initiative that integrates the public sector and private companies with the aim of accelerating Chile’s transition to the digital economy. Inspired by the successful international model, New York Tech Talent Pipeline, its focus is on preparing and reskilling human capital by connecting the needs of people and companies in the new digital society; identifying the demand for talent, managing job training processes and generating job opportunities.

Around 3.700 graduates are already in the labor market and it is expected to train 16.000 more by 2022 under the Bootcamp methodology, which has managed to rewrite the rules of the training industry with the United States standing out as the main reference.

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During 2021, 200 companies hired more than 400 graduates of the program by looking for the best talent available in Match, the digital platform of Talento Digital para Chile, a user-friendly format to find the available profiles related to the requested job offer.

Success Stories

Learn about our success stories from both companies and graduates who have made a mutual, high-value match.

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Today we have multiple companies and organizations of different sizes and industries who make up a business ecosystem that leads the digital transformation of Chile in the field of human capital. Being part of this country’s initiative has no cost or legal commitment, but it does have a voluntary commitment to participate.

At the moment,

digital transformation generates more work than it destroys, and with new talent we can take advantage of this opportunity.

Talento Digital para Chile is a public-private initiative carried out by Fundación Chile and Fundación Kodea, and formed by the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Labor and Social Security; Ministry of Sciences, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation; the National Training and Employment Service, SENCE; the Corporation for the Promotion of Production, CORFO; InvestChile; the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB; the Confederation of Production and Commerce, CPC; the Manufacturing Development Society, SOFOFA; the Association of Information Technology Companies, ACTI, and OTIC SOFOFA.

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